tekRESCUE loves switch.co

Why We Love Switch.co

tekRESCUE loves switch.co

We’ve been using Switch for our telephony needs since the beginning of 2015, and we just wanted to give them a shout out for the quality of service and support they’ve provided (they aren’t paying us for this, and we don’t receive any kind of compensation if you decide to use them). When we made the switch (pun intended), we weren’t sure they were the best solution for us. However, we’d looked into several options, but they seemed the most promising. We joined this as ALPHA customers (earlier than Beta). After we got set up, we quickly realized we’d found the perfect match for our needs, and it’s very unlikely we’ll ever move away from them.

A few reasons we like Switch, from our perspective as an IT support and consulting company:

It’s easy to configure. Switch runs over the HTTP protocol, and there’s no ports to configure.

It plays nicely with firewalls. We have a customer that has a competitor’s phone solution and it’s a pain to get it working–and keep it working–properly behind a firewall (which, of course, we recommend having set up in every office).

It’s inexpensive. The pricing is affordable, predictable, and straight-forward. We won’t list the actual price here in case prices change, but you can find the current prices listed on their website.

Unlimited usage. No nasty surprise bills, everything is flat-fee based on the number of users and extensions your business needs. It’s also easy to scale up as your business & needs grow.

It makes our customers happy! Switch helps ensure calls are directed to the appropriate phones as quickly as possible so we don’t miss a beat. The faster we can respond to customers, the happier they are–it’s a win-win.

There are a number of other features Switch brings to the table, such as the ability to swap between devices while on the call. Speaking of devices, Switch can ring all of your preferred devices at once–and it works well on Windows, Mac, and comes with mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Many businesses have grown to expect a number of features from their phone system, such as transferring calls, three-way calling, video calling, recording, etc. Fortunately, Switch handles all of these tasks with ease. They also offer visual voicemail and video recording features, which is a nice bonus.

If you’re looking for a better way to handle phone calls in your office, we can’t recommend Switch enough. We aren’t affiliated with them in any way, and we don’t make any commission if you decide to go with them, we just wanted to give them props for being a great company who’s services have truly helped us.

For pricing and more information, visit their site: https://www.switch.co

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