Computer Maintenance Tips

6 Simple Ways to Increase the Longevity of Your Computer

Good computers aren’t cheap, but they’re essential for running your business. No one likes to go out and buy a new set of computers every year or two. Fortunately, by following the simple tips below, you can improve the chances of your computer having a long, healthy life.

1) Clean Your Fan Vents Out

You’d be surprised how much dust can build up inside your computer quickly. Even if you keep a nice, sterile office, the fans that move air over your computer’s components will suck up little particles that can cling to your machine’s innards. Be sure to regularly take canned air (or even better–a small handheld air compressor) to the vents to blow out dust build-up. It’s best to open the case for maximum effectiveness. If you’re uncomfortable doing that, contact a local computer repair service to help you out.

2) Utilize Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are a cheap, wise investment if you’re serious about extending your computer’s lifespan. One crazy storm can cause a power surge that can fry sensitive components inside your computer. It’s best to unplug machines during a storm, but if that’s not possible then a surge protector makes for a hardy line of defense.

3) Keep Food & Drinks Away From Your Machine

As you can probably guess, computers aren’t a big fan of liquids. Keeping food and drinks away from your hardware is a good idea if you’re trying to proactively protect your computer. Even the most careful people in the world experience mishaps, and one unfortunate bump of the elbow could cause a drink to go toppling all over your machine.

4) Don’t Turn Your Computer Off & On Too Often

Many believe that they should power down their computers nightly, and some think they should do so when they’re leaving the office for a meeting or lunch. In reality, it’s almost always fine to leave your computer running for days at a time. This reduces the stress and heating and cooling cycles that the equipment goes through, which can help boost the computer’s lifespan.

5) Keep Your Computer Cool

Many computers are great at generating more than enough heat as they run, so adding more to the mix isn’t the best idea. Be sure to keep your office at a cool, moderate temperature, and try to avoid using your laptop while you’re out soaking up the rays in 100 degree summer heat.

6) Get Regular Tune-Ups

Computers are a lot like cars, in the sense that they both need regular tune-ups to ensure they keep running smoothly. It’s a good idea to take in your computer at least once a year for a checkup, at the minimum. Even better, set up a maintenance plan so that professionals can monitor your equipment and help catch and prevent major issues before they rear their ugly head. If you’re looking for computer maintenance services in the San Marcos, TX or Austin, TX area, give the experts at tekRESCUE a call today (512-843-2835) to discuss your needs!

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